Sunday 16 August 2015

I saw the Devil

I went out to the woods one night
No goblins or bogeys can me affright
I looked for my cronies by the hollow oak tree
Then I saw the Devil and the Devil saw me.

“Yer mates have fled home and bolted the door”
says the Devil, “they’ll never have sleep no more”
So I spits in his eye and I says to he,
“You can scare off my mates but you won’t scare me.”

He showed me his demons on a darkling plain
And the souls of the damned in eternal flame
Then I showed him my business that I came out to do
And the Devil ran off and his little imps too.

When I go out to the woods of a night
The Devil himself can’t me affright
For the Devil looked within me and saw worse than he
When I saw the Devil and the Devil saw me.


This is a longer version of my contribution this week to Crap Mariner's weekly challenge. Poetic necessity overflowed the bound of 100 words.