Sunday 28 December 2014

Leftover Soup fanart of Maxine Hellenberger

I've been following the web comic Leftover Soup for about a year. The artist is running an end-of-year invitation for fanart of the comic. So here is my interpretation of Maxine Hellenberger as an avatar in Second Life.

First video.

Second video.

Pictures below the cut.

Sunday 21 December 2014

The Cobbler and the Devil (musical version)

For the words, see here, and for the longer story, here. And here's a PDF of the music that will be more readable than the image below.

I have neither a singing voice nor a banjo, but if anyone else wants to perform this, go right ahead.

Sunday 14 December 2014

The Cobbler and the Devil (remix)

The devil met a cobbler, disguised as just a man
And said “Can you make boots for me, as fast as e’er you can?”
The cobbler said, “Two silver coins, and you’ll walk in them this day.”
But when he drew his old boots off, he was in the Devil’s pay.

Two cloven hoofs he saw there, that singed the wooden floor
And the Devil sneering at him, ’twixt him and the workroom door.
He worked hard to make the Devil’s shoes the best that they could be
And all the while thinking harder how from the Devil he might be free.

The work was done as the sun went down and the Devil leapt up high
And his hooves came down into those boots — and the Devil in pain did cry
For the soles were lined with the covers torn off from the book of God's own Word
And the cobbler still has the Devil’s coins, if it’s all true that I’ve heard.

Friday 5 December 2014

The Cobbler and the Devil

Once upon a time there was a cobbler. Everyone in his village would come to him for their shoes, and from the villages round about. He made everything from labourers’ working boots to fine Sunday best shoes for the farmers’ wives. He fancied himself the best cobbler there ever was, and if that was not quite right, it was not very wrong.

One day, at daybreak, a stranger appeared at the door of his cottage (for this was long before shops and opening hours were invented). “Cobbler, I must have new boots,” he said, “for these fit me ill. Can you make them this day?”

“A silver piece each,” said the cobbler, “and you shall walk in them before the sun goes down.”

But when the stranger drew off his old boots, the cobbler was appalled to see that he had hooves inside them, that smoked on the wooden floor. The cobbler tried to put a brave face forward, saying ”You do not want a cobbler, be off to a blacksmith!”

“You have taken my money!” gloated the devil. “Make me my boots, or I shall take your soul!”

Thursday 7 August 2014

H22O, a build by Squonk Levenque. Squonk created the Treptower Park and 2304 Rain builds, both now gone. He is known for rain, and H22O contains even more rain.

One arrives at a pair of floating islands in the sky.

A teleporter takes one down to a bleak room, which turns out to be the base of a lighthouse. Outside, unceasing rain falls on a watery landscape. A giant stone man crouches on hands and knees, his head plunged into the sea. A small figure faces him at the end of a pier.

Saturday 2 August 2014

Tura has built an art gallery.

The Mondrian-Johnson Gallery of Modern Art.

The theme for the B2B competition build in July 2014 was to make a building based on the architecture of Philip Johnson and the art of Paul Mondrian.

I knew something of Mondrian's art, but I had never heard of Philip Johnson. So I went to Google Images for inspiration. I didn't really get an impression of a single style running through his oeuvre, but I eventually found motifs in some of his works that tickled my brain.