Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Cobbler and the Devil (remix)

The devil met a cobbler, disguised as just a man
And said “Can you make boots for me, as fast as e’er you can?”
The cobbler said, “Two silver coins, and you’ll walk in them this day.”
But when he drew his old boots off, he was in the Devil’s pay.

Two cloven hoofs he saw there, that singed the wooden floor
And the Devil sneering at him, ’twixt him and the workroom door.
He worked hard to make the Devil’s shoes the best that they could be
And all the while thinking harder how from the Devil he might be free.

The work was done as the sun went down and the Devil leapt up high
And his hooves came down into those boots — and the Devil in pain did cry
For the soles were lined with the covers torn off from the book of God's own Word
And the cobbler still has the Devil’s coins, if it’s all true that I’ve heard.

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  1. If anyone's arrived here by googling the words, yes, that was me reading this at the Eastercon a couple of days ago.