Tuesday 29 August 2017


So I go online to order a Chinese, and there’s my own name already on the web page, and, “How about your favorite Hot Singapore Noodles tonight?” WTF? I fire an email saying “don't you tell me what I want, I tell you”. Dammit, the Singapore Noodles are my favorite but I'm not giving them the satisfaction.

It’s the cookies. Can’t deal with anyone online without them sticking cookies all over you, it’s the mark of Revelations without which no man might buy nor sell, save that he accepted the cookie.

When does Revelations say the Cookie Monster shows up?

This story first appeared on Crap Mariner’s 100 Word Challenge.

Monday 21 August 2017

To Do Good

A man walked by a pond, where he saw that a little girl had fallen in, and would drown. But he was wearing a fine suit and did not want to ruin it by wading into the pond to save her. He was not callous, for he was about to meet some very wealthy people, to solicit donations for the charity that he ran, and they would never take him seriously if he showed up muddy and bedraggled. With these funds he would save far more lives than that of one little girl. The decision was clear.

He told himself, and —

This story previously appeared on Crap Mariner's 100 Word Challenge.