Thursday 7 August 2014

H22O, a build by Squonk Levenque. Squonk created the Treptower Park and 2304 Rain builds, both now gone. He is known for rain, and H22O contains even more rain.

One arrives at a pair of floating islands in the sky.

A teleporter takes one down to a bleak room, which turns out to be the base of a lighthouse. Outside, unceasing rain falls on a watery landscape. A giant stone man crouches on hands and knees, his head plunged into the sea. A small figure faces him at the end of a pier.

Saturday 2 August 2014

Tura has built an art gallery.

The Mondrian-Johnson Gallery of Modern Art.

The theme for the B2B competition build in July 2014 was to make a building based on the architecture of Philip Johnson and the art of Paul Mondrian.

I knew something of Mondrian's art, but I had never heard of Philip Johnson. So I went to Google Images for inspiration. I didn't really get an impression of a single style running through his oeuvre, but I eventually found motifs in some of his works that tickled my brain.