Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Whiskey Day and Botgirl Questi have started a new challenge, to create a single picture that tells a whole story, based on a word or phrase.

The first challenge is ”Last Words”, entries due by this Friday night, 10 August.

This is my entry. (Also on Flickr.) It's best viewed at full size.

Credit where credit is due: I didn't build the setting. When I had the idea for the picture, I looked on the Marketplace for suitable props -- a writing desk and chair, a pile of books, background furnishings -- but then I found the perfect setting ready-made at the Noctis shop in New Toulouse Algiers, complete with the memento mori bookend. The shop is sumptuously furnished, and everything on display is for sale.

I bought a copy of the desk set with all its props, and the chair, and back home in my workshop I added titles to the books and words to the parchment. Back at Noctis I rezzed the titles and words and set up the shot.

The hair bun I'm wearing is the first prim hair I ever bought in SL, changed from black to grey for this picture. I have other hairs that I wear, but I still wear this one.
Butler’s desk by Noctis.
”Henrietta” elderly woman skin from Avatar Generation.
Hair bun no longer available, from Fey's Designs.

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