Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tura has made some snowglobes.

There are four different scenes, each made as either a table ornament, or a bauble to hang on a tree. Particle snow falls endlessly.

I was inspired to make these by a request for Christmas tree decorations at the Primtionary venue, in preparation for a Christmas tree-decorating party. Three prims (or prim-equivalent) maximum. Eventually the idea of a snowglobe took shape. One prim for a globe, one for a pedestal or a hanger, and one for whatever scene I could model inside the globe.

About the only thing I could make with a single, actual prim would be a gift-wrapped parcel. Anything more interesting would have to be a sculpt. (It could be mesh, but I don't have enough experience with mesh to know how much you can do for a Land Impact of 1.)

How much can you do with a single sculpt?

You can make a whole village!

You can make 43 boxes! Actually, there's only 42 there, but I only realised I could squeeze one more into the sculpt map after I'd textured that one, which was...not easy.

You can even make 64, if they're all sitting against a single surface.

You can make a little castle.

Or 21 pine trees. Not very detailed pine trees, of course, but these toy trees fit the theme. You can actually get about 35 of these in, but 21 was enough.

I presented all these at the Builders Brewery Show & Tell last Sunday, and put them out for sale on the Marketplace.

And for Primtionary I made one more.

In a day or two I'll write something about how I went about creating these.

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