Monday, 17 December 2012

Hideously Ugly Christmas Sweater by Pandora Wrigglesworth. Available at Curio Obscura.

This is a Hideously Ugly Christmas Sweater! That’s what Pandora Wrigglesworth calls it, ok? But this has an importance way beyond its Hideous Ugliness. Its mesh, in a single size, that fits all body shapes!  Credit to Pandora for working out how to do this, doing it, and demonstrating it at todays Show & Tell at Builders Brewery. I have Really Muscular Shoulders and this is the first mesh item ever that fits me there. When all the designers pick up on this, I might be able to shop for mesh.

Clothes by Zaara, hair by Dura.

This is me underneath the sweater. My Torso Muscle is 75. It used to be 80, and before then 85, but recently I've toned it down a little. But still, the typical mesh dress fits like I blogged about here.

Heres the sweater without and with its alpha layer. My skin and clothes are poking through slightly here and there, but the alpha layer hides that without the clothes radically changing my shape.

And for everyone going How?!! How?!!”, I don't know how it's done, except that it involves a set of bones I didn’t know existed, called ”collision bones”. Now you know as much as I do.

Actually, it does still need three versions: one for men, one for women, and one for women with Boobs Of Unusual Size. Technical reasons to do with how the collision bones work, apparently. But it fits me!

The problem I have with standard mesh sizes is that the one that matches most of my shape numbers has a Torso Muscle of 35.

This is what I look like with Torso Muscle = 35. I actually find that quite uncomfortable to look at. On someone else's avatar I’d think nothing of it, but when it’s me, I just cannot be that shape myself. Strange, but there it is.

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