Sunday, 13 December 2015

Abba Jerome visited Abba Genarius on the day of Our Lord’s birth, and gave him a box of Egyptian sweetmeats.

A year later, Abba Genarius visited Abba Jerome, and gave him that same box, still full, saying, “Thank you for this opportunity to resist the weakness of my body.”

A year later, Abba Jerome visited Abba Genarius, giving him that same box again, saying, “The virtue of abnegation cannot be contained.”

A year later, Abba Genarius gave the box to Abba Jerome, saying, “I cannot open this while my brother stands in want.”

Then they laughed and ate them together.

Rock dwellings, Cappadocia, Turkey

This story first appeared on Crap Mariner's 100 Word Story Weekly Challenge. It was inspired by the prompt word, “box”, and a book of the Sayings of the Desert Fathers.

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