Monday, 21 December 2015

Waiting for Santa Claus

A play in one act.

A living room. Night. A Christmas tree. Two small children.

Tina (the older one): Scott.

Scott (the other one): What?

T: Did you ever read the nativity story?

S: (He reflects.) I read the pictures.

T: What's "myrrh"? Everyone says they brought gold, somethingsomething, and "myrrh".

S: (examining his foot) Maybe it's what they make mirrors from.

T: Santa Claus might know.

S: Will he come?

T: We sent word...

(Long pause.)

T: (getting up) Let's go to bed.

S: We can't.

T: Why not?

S: We're waiting for Santa Claus.

(T sits down.)

(Long pause.)

S: Let's go.

T: Let's.

(They do not move.)

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